Apr 042013

Penguin here.

I came across this image of these little shrimps -or rather chicks- flying for the very first time, and I knew I had to post it. This picture is cute on so many levels. Look at the gosling’s tiny shadow! These little buddies also have such tiny wings, beaks, and feet. They are so absolutely fuzzy and adorable.

Update – a commenter named Kess has made a correction for this post. Please read what was written for proper information concerning this photo:

“Just an FYI, those aren’t goslings, they’re wood duck chicks. And they aren’t flying, chicks with down can’t fly. They’re falling out of the birdhouse that’s pictured behind them. They were born in the house high up in a tree where they were safe from predators as eggs. After all the chicks hatch, they leap out of the tree and fall to the ground with their parents. It’s quite fun to watch them jump out, there are a lt of videos on YouTube of wood ducks emerging for the first time.”

Thanks for the information!

Adorable Goslings Taking Their First Flight

Adorable Goslings Taking Their First Flight

Found here: imgur

Jul 042011

Penguin here.

First, I wish a Happy Independence Day to you all. Blue Bear will be making a special Independence Day post shortly. On my end, I’m going to make my last Canada Day weekend post (even though today technically isn’t a day off).

What rhymes with moose? Canada goose, of course!

Canada geese (or Canadian geese) are really interesting because not only can they swim, but they also fly! It would be so neat to have both abilities.

Here is a picture of a gosling (baby goose):

canadian gosling

A living ball of fuzz!

Here is a beautifully adorable picture of a Canada goose with her Goslings:

canada goose with goslings

Canada Goose Family

Fuzzy Gosling found here: Animal Planet

Canada Goose Family found here: National Geographic