Jul 062013

Penguin here.

My mother helped me out a great deal today, so I think it is only appropriate to post this sweet picture of a mother goat (or doe) affectionately licking her little kid. Thanks, Mom, for always being there for me!
I hope you too can give your mother, or someone else you love, a nice big hug today to thank them for all that they’ve done for you.

Baby Goat Kid Being Licked by Mother

Baby Goat Kid Being Licked by Mother

Found here: Just Cute Animals

Jun 152012

Penguin here.

I just wanted to share this picture with you guys. Isn’t the baby goat too cute? I wonder why the goat being stood on doesn’t seem to mind much… I bet it’s because she knows that the little kid looks so adorable doing it!

Baby Goat Kid Standing on a Goat

You should check the view from up here!

Found here (on a site with an awesome logo!): GOATCLIMB.COM

May 152012

Penguin here.

I was actually looking for something different altogether – a picture of a wolverine, actually – when I stumbled upon these little buddies. I couldn’t help myself and I knew I had to post this picture on ACAD. So what do you guys think? Aren’t these little goats absolutely adorable? And how about the cute little doggy in the background? I bet they’re all great friends.

Baby Goat Kids with Dog

Maybe the doggy is a little baaaaashful

Found here: Baby Animal Zoo: The Cutest Baby Animals On Earth!

Mar 012012

Penguin here.

These two make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Look how soft these little buddies are! Check out their floppy ears and goofy noses. Don’t you just want to keep them? These goats are seriously too cute.

Baby Goat Kids

Baby Goat Kids

Found here: Babble

Jul 212011

Penguin and Blue Bear here.

Blue Bear’s sister helped us think of mountain goats and we stumbled upon this priceless little picture. How much goofiness could possibly fit in a single image? First of all, the mountain goat is smiling and looks really happy. The little kid looks very comfy and fuzzy on his parent’s back. I wonder how he’s managing to keep his balance, but I guess balance is no struggle for a mountain goat.

Baby Mountain Goat Kid with Parent

I'm the king of the castle!

Found here: Strange Cosmos

Jan 072011


It’s Blue Bear here (and Penguin). We decided to post a picture of this adorable baby goat kid who has the floppiest ears imaginable. He looks like he needs a big hug because he seems sad, or maybe he’s just deep in thought; it’s hard to tell when you’re so overwhelmed with cuteness. We’ll give him a hug either way.

Adorable Baby Goat Kid

Adorable Baby Goat Kid

Found here: http://www.mccullagh.org/image/10d-14/baby-goat.html