Apr 122012

Penguin here.

The other day I was walking and spotted a marmot hiding in some shrubbery. I quickly took out my cell phone and tried to snap a photo – no matter how poor the quality might be. Unfortunately, I was not successful. My photo was full of shrubbery, but no marmot! Still, I’m very happy to have spotted one and this was the inspiration for today’s post.
I love this sweet picture here with a young marmot and his/her parent nose to nose. I love seeing young animals with their parents! These two look so relaxed and happy together. Check out the adorable paws! Maybe one day I’ll be able to spot a pair of marmots just like these two.

Baby Marmot with Parent

Marmot Kisses!

Found here: Glimpses: Marmots in the Mist

Apr 162011

Penguin here.

I never understood what the difference between a marmot and a groundhog was, until I found out that groundhogs are actually just a kind of red-brown marmot. So, here, in this image, we have a nice marmot family. The mother and her baby are kissing, and the other little baby looks like he’s waiting for his turn! These guys are super fuzzy and soft. I love their ears and their characteristic rodent chubbiness. I also love their bushy tails!

yellow-bellied marmot family

When's my turn?

Photo by Alan Vernon, 2007, found here: Flickr