Apr 032013

Penguin here.

Aren’t these guinea pigs so absolutely adorable? According to Animal Planet’s blog, these hats were designed by creature couture designer Marilyn Hikida, who makes fashionable accessories for animals and who owns the pet fashion site Barking Baby.
Although Blue Bear’s dog personally refuses to wear anything for more than 2 seconds, there are some animals out there who don’t mind and help pose for some really goofy pictures.

Adorable & Stylish Guinea Pigs

Adorable & Stylish Guinea Pigs

Found here: Animal Planet

Mar 122013

Penguin here.

My sister shared this adorable little picture with me and I still can’t process the level of cuteness. Not only is this guinea pig too adorable for words, but he’s in costume too, and in one of the cutest ones ever! I love the antennae, snap buttons, and little hood. The glasses surely add some sophistication to this goofy costume. I absolutely love it!

Adorable Guinea Pig in a Bumblebee Costume

Adorable Guinea Pig in a Bumblebee Costume


Nov 242012

Penguin here.

Aww, isnt’ this guy just a sweetie? Just look at those floppy ears and that pink nose! This guinea pig and his siblings actually belongs to a classroom as you can see in the link below. I remember that in my Elementary school’s science class, we had a bunny rabbit. Did you guys ever have classroom pets growing up?

Adorable Baby Guinea Pig

Adorable Baby Guinea Pig

Found here: The Living Classroom

Apr 202012

Penguin here.

This is our first non-Christmas guinea pig post! It’s also our first guinea pig post to include a baby one! In case you weren’t aware, guinea pigs are also called cavies and they don’t actually come from New Guinea, but from the Andes in South America.
Guinea pigs are truly adorable. In fact, Blue Bear used to have a pair of guinea pigs named Plum and Pepper. They were a lot of fun to play with. I bet these two little cavies in the image are also lots of fun to have around.

Baby Guinea Pig with Mother

Tiny Kisses for my Little One!

Quick Update: The original photographer of this picture popped by recently and let us know that the mother guinea pig in this photo is in fact NOT the mother of the baby, and that this is her first experience with a young guinea pig. She looks like she’s doing a GREAT job, and loves this little baby just as much as if she were its mother. Thanks for letting us know, Nicole.

Found here: Cute Home Pets: 10 Interesting Guinea Pig Facts

Original Photograph by: Gilded Lily Photography

Dec 192011

Penguin and Blue Bear here.

Today we are starting our second annual ACAD Christmas Countdown. Our first pick is this adorable set of partying guinea pigs. They’re fuzzy, colorful and very cute. They look like they’re having a very fun party. Do you think they’re waiting for more guinea pig friends to come?

Christmas Guinea Pigs

Party over here!

Found here: Kaushik’s Album

Dec 182010

Penguin here.

Only 1 week left until Christmas! Today I’m putting up a picture of this adorable little Christmas guinea pig. Unfortunately, although he’s trying to play the role of Santa, I think he’s got it all wrong. For starters, that’s not how you put on a hat! Maybe he needs one a few sizes smaller. Either way, he sure looks like one of the warmest and coziest guinea pigs ever all bundled up in a Santa hat.

Christmas Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig Bundled Up in a Santa Hat

Found here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/julieleung/342143586/