Dec 152013

Penguin here.

Today we are starting our annual ACAD Holiday special where our next posts will feature animals in festive settings. Today, we will be decorating the tree at Blue Bear’s house, which is why I am posting a picture of this goofy hamster surrounded by Christmas ornaments.

Hamster with Christmas Ornaments

Hamster with Christmas Ornaments

Found here: Animal Animal Animal

Jul 182013

Penguin here.

It seems like there are many pictures of hamsters eating and often the food of choice is broccoli! This hamster is clearly enjoying his meal. You know how parents often have a hard time getting their kids to eat broccoli? I bet you could just show them this picture and it would do the trick.

Fuzzy Hamster Eating Broccoli

Found here: Green Prophet

May 192013

Penguin and Blue Bear here.

A little while ago, Penguin posted a picture of an adorable hamster eating broccoli. The other day, Blue Bear read an article where the same hamster was featured, in gif form! This of course, is very good luck, because if you though that the motionless picture was cute, watch when you see this little hammy in full action. That broccoli looks super delicious; especially after witnessing his feet-flopping enjoyment of it.

Adorable Hamster Eating Broccoli

Broccoli: Feet Floppingly Good

Found here: ZenGato’s photobucket and featured on Buzzfeed’s The 21 Stages Of A Friday Workday article

Apr 242013

Penguin here.

Tea parties have always seemed like something fun to me, but this has got to be the cutest one ever. First of all, the tea cups have little bears on them; secondly, there are hamsters in attendance! This party is so goofy. Wouldn’t you just love to take part? By the way, did you notice that one of these hammies is clearly not understanding that a tea cup is not something to put your little schnoz in?

Adorable Hamsters Having a Tea Party

Adorable Hamsters Having a Tea Party

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Feb 212013

Penguin here.

Someone in the comments shared this adorable set of pictures with us and we couldn’t help but show one to you guys. Isn’t he so absolutely adorable? Look at those huge little feet! Look at those tiny little hands! Note the adorable chubbiness and fuzziness. You can read the full article here: Thing I Love #40: Animals in Swings. A special thanks to a a for sharing this with us!

Original image found here: Dragan*’s flickr

Feb 192013

Penguin here.

Stop for a second, and observe the adorable image before you attentively. What makes it so cute? There are too many things to name. First of all, this little hamster looks so sweet in his sleep. He’s also very tiny and fuzzy, with the smallest, pinkest, paw. But, did you also notice that the hamster is using a kleenex for a blanket? That has to be one of the cutest things ever.

Baby Hamster Having a Snooze

Only someone so tiny could use a kleenex as a blanket...

Found here: thachetchoroi’s Photobucket

Dec 232012

These guys are incredibly cute, hanging out under their little mini Christmas tree. What do you think you would ask for if you were a hamster? Penguin would ask for lots of sunflower seeds, because when Penguin was young(er) and had hamsters as pets, they would pick them out of their food and ignore most of the rest. I think I’d ask for a carrot, because I know for a fact that I would look very cute while eating it, and it might net me even more yummy and fun rewards. I would be quite a strategic little fuzzball.

Cute Christmas Hamsters Opening Prezzies

"Oh, Hammy, this one is for you!" ... "Thanks, Hamelia!"

Found Here: Critteristic