Dec 282012

There were two things that inspired me to choose a snow hare for my post today. Well… three if you count how adorable they are as one of the inspirations, but that’s a given for anything we post on this site.

The first is the fact that we had a crazy snow storm here yesterday, and the entire world was pure white coldness. It looked very pretty, though it was very inconvenient for many folks trying to get around the city.

The second reason was that there is an extremely cute mini game in the new Professor Layton game, which I got as a gift for Christmas this year, involving a chubby little bunny who’s learning how to act in plays – It’s very cute, and very fun. You teach the little guy to do cute actions and he performs them and it’s all very adorable.

Anyway, enough about the Layton bunny. Check this guy out, with his fully fluffed and snow white coat, prepared for a cold and snowy winter day, just like the one we had yesterday where I live:

Bring it on, Winter. I've got this!

Bring it on, Winter. I've got this!

Found Here: All Posters

Jan 072012

Penguin here.

Not only is this tiny baby hare the cutest little ball of well-camouflaged brown fuzz imaginable, but the correct term to describe this little buddy is also super cute: leveret. Oh my! I can’t stop looking at this picture! Don’t you just want to pick this leveret up and cuddle?

Adorable leveret

What's a baby hare? A leveret!

Photographed by Phil Haynes and found here: Sheppey Wildlife

Mar 102011

Penguin here.

It has been snowing here lately, a lot. For this reason, I decided to post a picture of an animal well associated with the snow: a snowshoe hare! This little fella is not only plump and adorable, but there is a kind of serenity, a peacefulness about him, as he sits there surrounded by a beautiful wintry scene. Here’s a little neat thing to learn about snowshoe hares: I found out that their fur coat turns brown in the Summer time. Isn’t that neat? If you click on the link below from National Geographic, you will learn that and much more about them.

snowshoe hare in wintry scene

Snowshoe Hare Surrounded by a Snowy Scene

Found here:National Geographic