Apr 212013

Hey everyone.

So, the Cornell Lab of Ornithology has a live stream up at the moment of hawk eggs hatching. So far we’ve seen a crack in one egg and a beak popping out of another. It’s a slow process, but it’s definitely interesting and fun to watch. I wonder when they little ones will fully hatch! Check it out:

To go to the page with a chat box and more information, click here

Update: Various people who have been watching the video feed have also been updating a website with information and pictures. Check it out here

Apr 302011

Hawks are very intimidating birds, and they apparently have extremely good vision, but like all animals they must have babies! I wanted to see what a baby/adolescent hawk looked like, and it turned out rather adorable. Unlike a lot of animals, however, you can see their adult traits even in their baby form. The eyes on this little guy look extremely sharp and alert, and he still has an air of intimidation about him, but he also has a typical baby cuteness to him as well! Notice how much chubbier he is than an adult hawk, and how soft his feathers look!

Alert Baby Hawk

Alert Baby Hawk

Found here: Triangle