Aug 122011

Penguin here.

Blue Bear and I are doing a 12-day special on animals from Madagascar. Madagascar is a beautiful country and is categorized as one of the Earth’s biodiversity hotspots where, according to Wikipedia, 80% of its plant and animal species live nowhere else on Earth. Biodiversity hotspots are packed with a richness of unique plant and animal species, but these species are threatened. For example, according to BBC, Madagascar has lost 90% of its original vegetation, which in turn threatens the species that rely on this vegetation for food and shelter. This why we have to do our best to conserve our biodiversity hotspots. If you want to learn about biodiversity hotspots, you should check them out here at

So Blue Bear and I are going to present to you some special animals from Madagascar. The first animal is a primate, a large lemur in fact: the indri. These guys have a beautiful fluffy and soft coat, and striking eyes. I also love their adorable noses.

Mother Indri with Young

Mother Indri with Young

Found here: A-Z Animals Photo c/o Marius CONJEAUD