Sep 102012

Penguin here.

I…want…this…guy…now. Those tiny ears are driving me crazy! Actually, everything about the little critter is unbelievably cute. I hope this little buddy helps brighten up your Monday.

Five-Toed Pygmy Jerboa

I may have five toes on each foot...but they're certainly really tiny ones!

Found here: BioLib and image copyright Peter Romanow

Aug 272011

Penguin here.

I have never ever heard of a long-eared jerboa until stumbling upon a picture of one just a minute ago. How cute is this guy? I bet he has one of the largest ear to body size ratios in the animal kingdom. According to EDGE, long-eared jerboas are jumping mouse-like rodents with long hind legs. Apparently, their gigantic ears are one third larger than their head!

Long-Eared Jerboa

I can hear you!

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