May 062013

Penguin here.

This goofy kiwi chick is actually a North Island brown kiwi with white plumage, which is very rare. This kiwi chick was born in December 2012 in Pukaha Mount Bruce National Wildlife Center. You can read more about this kiwi (and even check out a video) at ZooBorns.

Adorably Newly Hatched White Kiwi Chick

Adorable Newly Hatched North Island Brown Kiwi Chick with White Plumage

Photo Credit: Pukaha Mount Bruce and found here: ZooBorns

Feb 232012

Penguin here.

Have you guys ever heard of a kiwi? I don’t mean a kiwifruit, I mean a kiwi bird! In fact, the fruit is named after the bird! Isn’t that neat? Kiwis are flightless birds native to New Zealand. You should check out the article about them here at Kiwi Web: Chemistry and New Zealand. According to the article, kiwi birds lay eggs that are very large compared to the female. In fact, their egg size to female size ratio is greater than for any other bird. I have one other tidbit to add about kiwis on my end: they’re super goofy and adorable!

Baby Kiwi Chick

Fuzzy Kiwi Chick

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