Jan 282014

Penguin here.

Seriously now, how cute is this playful leopard cub? According to Wikipedia’s leopard article, leopards are native to some parts of Africa and tropical Asia and they can run at speeds nearing 58 km/h (36 mph). They’re also the smallest of the 4 big cats of the Panthera genus which includes the tiger, lion, jaguar, and leopard.

Adorable Baby Leopard Cub

Adorable Baby Leopard Cub

Found here: Furry Talk

Mar 202011

Penguin here.

I am sad to say that four year old Knut the polar bear, of whom were great fans here at ACAD, passed away yesterday. In his memory, I want to share an adorable picture of him, which you might have seen already.

Knut the polar bear

We'll miss you, Knut

On a happier note, because we always have to end on happy notes here at ACAD, I have found an absolutely adorable picture of leopard cubs that I wanted to share with you. These guys look adorably sleepy and too cute to resist! Don’t you just want to give their tiny pink noses a kiss?

baby leopard cubs sleeping

Sleeping leopard cubs: sweet dreams!

Image of Knut found here:SPLUCH
Image of Leopard cubs found here: Flickr