Mar 082014
Angry Lioness

Sometimes they might get angry.

Cat Scientist

Sometimes they are busy discovering and learning new things.

Dog Dressed as a Princess

Sometimes they like to dress up.

Javan Langur Hugging her Baby

One thing is certain: they are always protective and loving.

And they are all super awesome! A special thanks to all the great ladies in our lives.

Angry lioness found here: A Twenty-Second Birthday
Cat scientist found here:
Dog Dressed as a Princess found here:
Javan Langur with Baby found here: Isiigem Umyaalinguarai – Isiik’s Thoughts

Sep 082013

Penguin here.

I stumbled upon this sweet picture of a lioness and her little cub. I just can’t over how comfy and content the lion cub looks and how affectionate the mother is. This is such a sweet family picture, don’t you think? I hope you guys get a chance to cuddle with someone you love today.

Comfy Lion Cuddles

Comfy Lion Cuddles

Found here: LittlePawz

Feb 142013

Penguin here.

Today is Valentine’s Day, so here a few pictures with the theme “animal love”. Enjoy! Happy Valentine’s Day to you all on behalf of everyone here at ACAD.

Chihuahua Kiss

Doggy Kiss

Lion Love

Lion Love

Animal Friendship: Deer and Bunny Buddies

Deer and Bunny Buddies

Moose Kissing

Moose Kissing

Frog Love

Frog Love

Doggy Kiss found here: The Berry
Lion Love found here: Nature’s Mighty Picture
Deer and Bunny Buddies found here: FAVIM.COM
Moose Kissing found here: ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE
Frog Love found here:

Jun 172012

Woah, Father’s Day is almost over! I almost missed my time to make this post! For this one, I asked my sister what fathers there are in the animal world that would make for a cute picture and she responded “Simba and Mufasa”. She makes a good point, he’s a great dad! Of course, I wanted a picture of real lions to make this post, so I found this one of a cute little cub playing with a stick that his dad (who is having a bad hair day!) has in his mouth at the Denver Zoo. Check it out!

Daddy, I want to play with the stick!

Daddy, I want to play with the stick!

Found here: Denver Zoo

May 132012

Penguin & Blue Bear here.

We wish everyone (including our mothers) a very Happy Mother’s Day! This post wraps up our mother’s day special for 2012 here at ACAD, but don’t worry: we often post pictures of animal mothers (and fathers) with their babies anyway, which is why we have a whole category dedicated to it.
We absolutely love this picture. We love how the mother lion is kissing/grooming her young one, and he/she is thoroughly enjoying it!
Again, we wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day!

Lion Mother Kissing Cub

Lion Kisses!

Found here: Jokeroo

Mar 242012

Hey everyone. I was just talking to my mom and the conversation steered itself into the direction of The Lion King. It did so more-or-less because I decided to start singing The Circle of Life! Anyway, it got me thinking… we haven’t had a lion on the site in a while! So here I am with a picture of a cute lion cub. Do you think he’s going to grow up to be a mighty king?

The Lion King

Hakuna Matata

Found Here: National Georgraphic

Oct 092011

Penguin here.

White lions are rare indeed. According to, white lions aren’t albino, but are the result of a rare genetic mutation. Today many are selectively bred in zoos and elsewhere.

Don’t these little white lion cubs look so fluffy and soft? They are unbelievably adorable and we’d love to cuddle with them here at ACAD.

Soft and Fluffy White Lion Cubs

Cute, Cuddly, Soft and Fluffy!

Found here: Mail Online

May 242011

It’s always adorable when you see two, or more, animals of the same species being friendly with eachother. Now consider how cute that scenario is when you’ve got two, or more, baby animals of the same species being friendly with eachother. There’s only one more step from there to get to the cutest scenario of them all – friendship between two babies of different animal species. We’ve presented a few examples of this in the past, and now I’d like to show you another one. Here’s a picture of two great friends, a lion cub and a puppy! There are more pictures of these two playing together in the link below the picture, so be sure to follow that and see all the cuteness on that page. Anyway, here’s the pic:

Puppy and Lion Cub - Animal Friendship

Puppy and Lion Cub - Animal Friendship

More Pics Here: Green Packs