Apr 152012

Penguin here.

Well, well, well, today we have a baby slow loris here with his/her mommy! This slow loris was actually born in a China’s Nanning zoo about 5 years ago and is two weeks old in the picture. Look how tiny the baby is! I bet he/she is very well protected in his/her mother’s embrace.

Baby Slow Loris with Mother

Is that a mini slow loris plushy?

Found here: People’s Daily Online

Nov 282011

Penguin here.

Slow lorises are too cute. They are soft, fuzzy and cuddly. They have miniature little hands. They have sweet and innocent looking eyes. They have button noses. What don’t they have? If you don’t think that slow lorises are some of the most adorable animals you’ve ever seen, or if you simply haven’t ever watched Sonya the slow loris on Youtube, then do yourself a favour and watch her this instant.

Adorable Slow Loris On Branch

Adorable Slow Loris On Branch

Found here: Tumblr

Apr 252011

Penguin here.

I’m back to my short sequence of primate posts and today, I decided to post an image of an adorable slow loris. Blue Bear likes slow lorises so much that it is one of Blue Bear’s wishes to have one someday. Of course, that isn’t possible, but it’d be great to even see one in person, and we have yet to do that!
Anyway, I did mention that this slow loris seemed particularly curious. What do you think has caught his attention? I bet there’s some yummy snack coming his way. Aside from that, doesn’t he have the softest looking fur, the most adorable eyes, and the most kissable nose? What a cutie!

curious and cute slow loris

What a curious little guy!

Found here: cute-n-tiny