Jul 012012

Penguin here.

Happy Canada Day everyone! Canada is a beautiful country (and is also the second largest one in the whole world). It also has a wide variety of animals such as the Canada lynx which is the one I’m going to post here today. You should read about them here, because they’re very interesting animals.

Now, here’s a photo of a Canada lynx kitten:

Canada Lynx Kitten

Major Fuzz Alert!

Here’s a photo of one all grown up (with a kitten of her own):

Canada lynx kitten with parent

Lynx Cuddles!

Canada lynx kitten found here: ZOO*4950 Ontario Mammals
Canada lynx kitten with parent found here: http://www.coping-with-epilepsy.com/forums/members/screamy-albums-308-endangered-animals-nova-scotia-picture2470-canada-lynx.html