Apr 122012

Penguin here.

The other day I was walking and spotted a marmot hiding in some shrubbery. I quickly took out my cell phone and tried to snap a photo – no matter how poor the quality might be. Unfortunately, I was not successful. My photo was full of shrubbery, but no marmot! Still, I’m very happy to have spotted one and this was the inspiration for today’s post.
I love this sweet picture here with a young marmot and his/her parent nose to nose. I love seeing young animals with their parents! These two look so relaxed and happy together. Check out the adorable paws! Maybe one day I’ll be able to spot a pair of marmots just like these two.

Baby Marmot with Parent

Marmot Kisses!

Found here: Glimpses: Marmots in the Mist

Jan 122012

Penguin here.

My sister had bought me Trivial Pursuit for the holidays and Blue Bear and I were playing a round yesterday when we came across the following question: “What is Whistler, British Columbia named after?” The answer? A whistling marmot! It’s true! As you can see here on Wikipedia’s Whistler article, Whistler used to be called London Mountain, but locals started calling it Whistler in honour of the whistling marmot and so the name caught on. How cute is that? An adorable animal has a place named after it!

Whistling Hoary Marmot

Whistling Marmot

Found here: Wikipedia

Apr 162011

Penguin here.

I never understood what the difference between a marmot and a groundhog was, until I found out that groundhogs are actually just a kind of red-brown marmot. So, here, in this image, we have a nice marmot family. The mother and her baby are kissing, and the other little baby looks like he’s waiting for his turn! These guys are super fuzzy and soft. I love their ears and their characteristic rodent chubbiness. I also love their bushy tails!

yellow-bellied marmot family

When's my turn?

Photo by Alan Vernon, 2007, found here: Flickr