Feb 092014

Penguin here.

Although it may seem like these meerkats are kissing, it turns out, if you read the article below, that a meerkat mother is trying to help her youngster get sand out of his/her nose. How sweet is that?

Meerkat moment: mother helping youngster get sand out of his/her nose

Meerkat Moment: mother helping youngster get sand out of his/her nose.

Photo by Elke Terstegen/solentnews.co.uk
Found here: DailyMail

Nov 032013

Penguin here.

I’m not quite sure why there’s a picture of meerkats, which are desert animals, playing in maple tree leaves, but this picture is really cute. Naturally, I wanted to share it with you guys.
I’ve personally never liked autumn all that much, because it can get very cold around here. I have to admit that the leaves are beautiful though, and it is always fun to see animals playing in them.

Meerkats Playing in Fall Leaves

Meerkats Playing in Fall Leaves

Found here: Cutest Paw

May 222012

Hey everyone. You guys might be wondering why I didn’t entitle this “Young Meerkat with Parents”. Well, according to National Geographic, meerkats work in larger family units than just a mother, father, and their young. In the meerkat community, some stand on lookout while others rest, and then they swap off in shifts, and so the young will not always be taken care of by the same adults. Pretty cool!

Are we going to the movies?

Are we going to the movies?

Found here: National Geographic

Jun 282011

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A special friend of mine again found a little treasure of a picture. (In fact, there are a couple of these meerkat pictures which you could check out by clicking on the link below). This little meerkat looks very professional as he peers into the camera lens. What a fuzzy little guy! By the way, it turns out that this picture is from a meerkat exhibit at Paignton Zoo, Devon (in England) so if you are lucky enough to travel there, or live there, you might want to check it out!

Oh and did I mention that this adorable little meerkat is only 3 weeks old?

A special thanks to my friend for again finding and sharing such adorable pictures with us!

mini meerkat photographer

Say Cheese!

Found here: Mail Online (Click for more meerkat pictures!)

Jan 262011

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Here are two adorable meerkats, (baby meerkats, might I add), who remind me of Timon from the Lion King except that they are very very fuzzy. One seems to be stealing the spotlight and blocking the other from view, but you can still see both of them. Anyway, enjoy the image!

Adorable Baby Meerkats

Adorable Meerkats

Found here: Palms Tropical Oasis