Dec 212012

Penguin here.

Hi everyone. Aren’t these two little sweeties far too cute for words? I think so. Their noses are incredibly pink, their whiskers very goofy, and they’re so sleepy… I hope these little mice help boost your holiday spirit.

Sleepy Newborn Mice

Sleepy Newborn Mice

Found here: Smoke and Exist

May 072012

Penguin and Blue Bear here,

We really think that this mommy mouse is doing a great job caring for her little ones. Imagine taking care of so many babies all on your own; she should be commended for her maternal abilities!

Time to tuck them all in for bed!

Time to tuck them all in for bed!

Found here: All Posters

Sep 212011

Penguin here.

On behalf of our two favourite mice, (and because I’ve been in the mood to watch Cinderella since I bought a Cinderella mug at the Disney Store with Blue Bear), today’s post will be mouse-related. Jaq and Gus are the brave and sweet mice from Disney’s Cinderella. They are soooo cute and they are among my favourite Disney character sidekicks. If only all mice could be like them…

Cinderella's Jaq and Gus

Our Favorite Mice: Helpful, Friendly and Nice!

Even if mice in real life aren’t quite like Jaq and Gus, they are certainly just as cute, which is why they belong here on ACAD. Especially this little fuzzy mouse right here with a nose as pink as bubblegum!

Adorable Fuzzy Little Mouse with Pink Nose

Oh my! That must be the pinkest nose ever!

Fuzzy mouse found here: Windie Pink
Jaq & Gus found here: Disney Wiki

Mar 262011

Penguin here.

I don’t know where to begin to describe the cute attributes of this mouse. In fact, if that were the task at hand, I’d have to describe every single one of this mouse’s attributes, because there is not one single detail about him that isn’t cute. From his super long whiskers, to his super long tail, and the adorable floppy ears, fuzzy fur, and everything else in between, every one of his features is too adorable to miss. He may be a very small mouse, but this guy will easily draw anybody’s attention.

baby mouse

What a tiny, fuzzy guy!

Found here: Fan Pop

Dec 182010

Have you ever seen such a sweet little creature? This is a tiny little baby mouse sleeping in someone’s hand. I love that there’s a hand in this picture because it really helps to give perspective to how adorably small this little mouse is. We should let him rest, he looks tired!

Cute Baby Mouse Sleeping

Cute Baby Mouse Sleeping