Aug 182011

Penguin here.

For today’s post, we have the narrow-striped mongoose. Apparently, another name for these cuties is the boky-boky.

So here’s today’s narrow-striped mongoose picture. I’m sorry that it doesn’t really show their characteristic stripes very well, but the picture was quite cute.

Narrow Striped Mongoose

Look at his sweet face!

Image found here: Zoo Chat

Jul 242011

Penguin here.

Have you ever seen such tiny little animals before? Okay, I know, we’ve posted hummingbirds, shrews and the like, but still you must admit that these dwarf mongoose pups are super small and adorable! Dwarf mongeese grow to a length between 18cm-28cm and are (according to Wikipedia), Africa’s smallest carnivores! These dwarf mongeese (mongooses) are all from the Bronx zoo.

Dwarf Mongoose Pups Playing

Don't these guys remind you of puppies?

Here’s a little video of dwarf mongeese at the Bronx Zoo in New York:

Image Found here: Science Blogs

May 122011

Penguin here.

Sorry that I haven’t posted in a little while; I have been incredibly busy lately. Here I am though with an absolutely adorable little pygmy mongoose that I am sure will make anybody cheer up, just at the sheer sight of him. This guy looks like he’s in the middle of some serious business…whether he’s digging, looking for a place to hide while playing hide-and-seek, or just having fun, this was a great scene to catch on camera. What a cutie!

Baby pygmy mongoose, Helsinki, Finland
This travel blog photo’s source is TravelPod page: Lions and tigers and bears, oh my