Mar 082014
Angry Lioness

Sometimes they might get angry.

Cat Scientist

Sometimes they are busy discovering and learning new things.

Dog Dressed as a Princess

Sometimes they like to dress up.

Javan Langur Hugging her Baby

One thing is certain: they are always protective and loving.

And they are all super awesome! A special thanks to all the great ladies in our lives.

Angry lioness found here: A Twenty-Second Birthday
Cat scientist found here:
Dog Dressed as a Princess found here:
Javan Langur with Baby found here: Isiigem Umyaalinguarai – Isiik’s Thoughts

Jun 222012

Penguin here.

Pygmy marmosets are the world’s smallest monkey, growing to a full height of 14 to 16cm (excluding their 15 to 20cm tail) according to Wikipedia’s Pygmy Marmoset article.
These monkeys are truly adorable! This little guy here looks so sleepy. Don’t you just want to kiss him? Look at that sweet face!

Pygmy Marmoset, Callithrix pygmaea

Found here: bossejonsson59 on Flickr

Mar 062012

Penguin here.

For my birthday, (from Blue Bear’s parents + sister), I received this adorable pair of monkey slippers to match my monkey pyjamas from the holidays. What do you guys think? Aren’t they so adorable? They’re also super fuzzy and soft.

Monkey Slippers!

Monkey Slippers!

Now here’s a picture of a titi monkey and her baby. Titi monkeys are New World monkeys meaning they are found in South and Central America whereas Old World Monkeys are from Africa and Asia. An interesting fact is that titis are monogamous. They’re certainly super cute…especially the tiny baby in this picture!

Titi Monkey with Baby

What a shrimpy monkey!

Image of Titi Monkeys found here: msnbc

Nov 132011

Penguin here.

Mandrills are related to baboons and are the largest species of monkey with the males weighting in at approximately 30kg. They are also known for their striking colors as you can see on the adult male’s face in the picture.
Look at the little baby mandrill. Doesn’t he have adorably large ears and a tiny nose? I also love how beautiful his eyes are. Check out the goofy hair too!

Adorable Baby Mandrill

Adorable Baby Mandrill

Found here: Los Angeles Times: Your Morning Adorable

Jul 292011

Penguin here.

In case you guys never heard of pygmy marmosets, what makes them special in particular, (aside from their undeniable cuteness), is their small size. Pygmy marmosets are the smallest existing monkeys. According to Wikipedia, they weigh between 120 and 140 grams (slightly over 1/4 of a pound). Imagine that. These two fuzzball marmosets are grooming each other. It looks like the bottom one is enjoying his own personal massage!

Pygmy Marmosets Grooming Each Other

Pygmy Marmosets Grooming Each Other

Found here: Science Photo Library

Jul 062011

Hi everyone. Blue Bear here with Penguin,

Now, we thought that emperor penguins were the only kind of emperor that had such cute babies, but it turns out we were wrong about that. An interesting thing about emperor penguins is how different their young look when compared to their adults. Anyway, we found another kind of emperor that’s equally adorable to the penguin variety… the Emperor Tamarin. Look at its adorable mustache and its baby’s lack thereof. It’s sort of funny to think that they have facial hair that works similarly to humans, and it makes the baby very easy to differentiate from the adult (sort of like our Emperor Penguin buddies!) Anyway, without further ado… here’s the pic:

I want a mustache like that!!!

I want a mustache like that!!!

Found Here: Mary Schwalm Photography

May 212011

Penguin here.

The other day, Blue Bear’s sister showed me a picture of an adorable snub-nosed monkey. I had never heard of such a monkey before, but the picture she showed me involved a very cute guy that looked particularly fuzzy for a monkey. Of course I fell in love with the fuzziness, and could not help but make a post about one. I hope you like this little guy with his long tail and super fuzzy whitish fur as he sits calmly on a branch, all huddled up. His hands are in “rabbit pose” and he’s giving an innocent little look. How sweet is this guy? A special thanks to Blue Bear’s sister who introduced me to these fuzzy monkeys!

fuzzy snub nosed monkey

What a fuzzy guy!

Found here: That Cute Site

May 172011

Penguin and Blue Bear here.

This baby macaque and its mother are apparently from a zoo in Suzhou, China. How adorable is this little scene right here? A tiny baby macaque is being fed something by its sweet and caring tiny mother! The mother has such a sweet expression on her face as she lovingly feeds her young one. The baby, meanwhile, looks like he’s enjoying his food while he’s in deep contemplation. Together they make an adorable pair that is too cute to miss!

Young Baby Macaque and Mother


Found here: Scienceray Zoology