Sep 052011

Penguin here.

You may not think that octopuses are cute, but I certainly do. They have their own unique charm and the coconut octopus is no ordinary octopus either! To see a video of the octopus in action, and to read about how special it is, you should check out the article from National Geographic, but the gist of it is that these octopuses are the first (and only) invertebrates known to use tools! Some of these octopuses were caught in the act doing the following. The octopus sits in a coconut shell which sticks to it thanks to the suction cups on its tentacles. When in danger, or when trying to deceive another animal, the octopus takes the other coconut shell and places it on top to reassemble the coconut and hide itself. Isn’t that clever and super cute at the same time?

Octopus Marginatus: the Coconut Octopus

Mr. Coconut Octopus

Found here: Wikipedia