Aug 232012

Penguin here.

Just look at this cutie! Isn’t he positively adorable? As you can read in Australian Geographic’s article, the golden brushtail possum’s hair isn’t ideal for camouflage so predators could spot them easily. For this reason, they are mostly found in a few areas in Tasmania where they have less predators.

Adorable Golden Brushtail Possum

I can climb trees!

Found here: Australian Geographic

Jul 282012

Penguin here.

I found this image on a site called Middle River: Kangaroo Island, and I realized that I found another dream destination to eventually travel to. Just think about this for a second: kangaroo island! That sounds like you would spend an entire day surrounded by cute animals. It’s basically a wildlife sanctuary where you can find koalas, echidnas, dolphins, you name it. If I could meet all of those kinds of animals as well as these adorable little possums, I’d love to go.

Baby Possum on Mother's Back

Look at those sweet faces and giant ears!

Found here: Middle River: Kangaroo Island

Mar 282011

Penguin here.

Opossums, commonly called possums, are a fuzzy kind of marsupial. Apparently, baby opossums can actually hang by their tails, as you can see here. How cute is that? I wonder how that tiny tail is strong enough to hold their fuzzy bodies. Better yet, I wonder how they’re going to get themselves down to solid ground, and how on Earth they were even able to hang on that branch in the first place!

baby opossums hanging by their tails

You can get a quite a nice view from up here!

Picture by: Frank Lukasseck/Corbis.
Found here: Backyard Zoologist