Aug 102011

Penguin here.

I always thought that platypuses and aardvarks must be the goofiest animals ever. Now I’ve made a new addition to this list of goofy animals: a scaly mammal known as the pangolin. If you read the article on Wikpedia about Pangolins, you’ll learn some interesting facts about them. For example, their scales are made out of keratin (just like our hair and fingernails). Also, pangolins don’t have teeth, but instead have a long tongue much like an anteater with which they catch yummy ants and termites.

Here you can see a baby pangolin riding on its mother’s tail like a little cutie.

Baby Pangolin Riding Mother's Tail

Baby Pangolin Riding Mother's Tail

Pangolins curl into an adorable ball when they sleep, as you can see in the photo below:

Pangolin Curled Up Into a Ball

Sweet dreams!

Pangolin Baby with Mother found here: Bush Warriors: A Global Voice for Wildlife

Sleeping Pangolin Curled into a Ball found here: