Dec 172011

Penguin here.

I have already established in the past how goofy we think playtpi are. Just have a look at these two little guys! In case you didn’t know, platypi are monotremes, like echidnas. This means that they are mammals that lay eggs and unlike other mammals, although they do have mammary glands, they excrete milk from openings in their skin, as opposed to nipples. According to University of Berkeley’s Website, modern adult monotremes have no teeth!

Anyway, I thought these two little platypi were absolutely adorable. I love their tiny beaks and super soft fury skin. I also think that their feet are adorable.

We're little soft and wrinkly platypus buddies!

Found here: Baby Animalz

May 252011

Penguin and Blue Bear here.

Did you realize that this is the first platypus picture we’ve posted, even though we’ve mentioned the word platypus a number of times? A platypus is one of the strangest animals on the planet. They’re mammals yet they have beaks, webbed feet, and they lay eggs…talk about confusing! Even their name is confusing; how do you pluralize it? Is it platypi? Platypuses? Either way, they certainly are adorable and fun to look at! This guy in particular is especially cute, soft and chubby. We’d love to give him a little treat to eat.

super adorable and chubby platypus

Maybe he needs to shed a gram or two.

Found here : Platypus and Echidna Babies