Mar 042014

Penguin here.

Oh my goodness. This little fuzzy red panda cub is so cute, I can’t help but wish I could cuddle right next to him!

According to Wikipedia’s Red Panda article, red pandas are born with their eyes closed and they only begin to open after about 18 days. After about 90 days, they will have fully grown their characteristic red colouring.

Sleeping Red Panda Cub

Sleeping Red Panda Cub


Oct 052013

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Red pandas are omnivores, although they mostly eat bamboo. They are native to the eastern Himalyas and southwestern China and are not related to pandas as their name would suggest. You could read all this and more about these fascinating animals on Wikipedia’s Red Panda article.

Here’s a picture of a red panda eating:

Young Red Panda Eating

Young Red Panda Eating

Here’s a picture of some sleepy red panda cubs:

Baby Red Pandas Sleeping

Baby Red Pandas Sleeping

Young Red Panda Eating found here: Herald Sun
Baby Red Pandas Cubs found here: SHANALOGIC

Jun 242013

I just made a post, but I felt the need to make another quickly concerning a baby red panda named Rusty who has gone missing from the National Zoo in Washington DC. According to the authorities at the zoo, he is most likely sleeping a tree somewhere in or near the zoo, because that’s what red pandas like to do when it’s warm (which, by the way, is very cute). They also say that if you do spot him, you shouldn’t try to catch him, but to instead call this number – 202.633.488 – to let them know so they can come and get him safely and bring him home to his family. If you’re in the Washington D.C. area, be on the lookout for this adorable guy.

UPDATE: Rusty has been found and returned. You can see a photo of him getting a checkup to see if he caught anything while he was out here. Welcome home, Rusty.

Rusty the Red Panda Missing From Washington Zoo`

Rusty the Red Panda Missing From Washington Zoo

May 242012

Penguin and Blue Bear here.

We’re here together again having fun searching for adorable animals like this little family here. How cute is this little cub hugging its mommy? It makes us melt! No wonder Mozilla Firefox chose to brand themselves after such a cute animal. What a sweet hug. It makes us smile and we hope it has the same effect on you guys.

Baby Red Panda Cub Hugging Mother

Warm Mommy Hugs

Found here: Flickr

Nov 082011

Penguin here.

I’m really sorry about the delay between posts, but Blue Bear and I have both been quite busy lately. I think this post will make it up to you though. Look at these baby red pandas (a.k.a firefox cubs)! Not only are they super small and fuzzy, but they’re also sleepy! Who can resist sleepy animals?

Adorable Red Panda Cubs

How could such a tiny cub make such a big yawn?

Found here: Perfect Pandas