Apr 112012

Penguin here.

Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. Do you see how tiny this little tortoise is? What a cutie! The Egyptian tortoise (a.k.a Kleinmann’s tortoise) lives in desserts and semi-arid habitats according to Wikipedia Kleinmann’s Tortoise article, though they are now virtually non-existent in Egypt. Unfortunately, they are critically endangered, but thankfully zoos are breeding them.
Anyway, this little baby tortoise is tiny and adorable and we’re happy to have him here on ACAD.

Baby and Tiny Egyptian Tortoise

Giant Raspberry or Tiny Tortoise?

Found here: The Daily Irrelevant: Zoo Celebrates Tortoise Arrivals

Sep 022011

Has anybody noticed that animals always look cute when they’re eating? It’s a strange phenomenon, but I think I have the explanation for it. It’s their tongues! Animal tongues are automatically cute (except maybe snakes!) and they’re usually present in photographs of animals eating. This little tortoise is well equipped with an adorable tongue to go with the rest of his cuteness. Be sure to pay attention to the leg scales, too! How goofy are those?

Baby Tortoise Feeding on a Leaf

Baby Tortoise Feeding on a Leaf

Image found here: Wikipedia

Aug 172011

I’m a big fan of chameleons, and when I found out that there was, in existence, a chameleon this small, it just made me melt. Please note the frame of reference in this picture… the chameleon is sitting on somebody’s finger! That is a TINY little reptile! By the way… one of the reasons I’m such a big fan of chameleons is because one of my favourite video games of all time is Mega Man X on the Super Nintendo, and one of the most memorable bosses in that game is Sting Chameleon! Anyway, enjoy the pic:

Tiny Little Brookesia Minima

Tiny Little Brookesia Minima - So Small, he has MINI in his name!

Found Here: xcitefun

Aug 052011

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You might be familiar with the fact that the komodo dragon is the largest living lizard on the planet. In fact, according to National Geographic’s article on the subject, the Komodo dragon averages 10 feet in length (3 meters) and 300 pounds (136 kg). Another important thing to note is that the Komodo dragon has very toxic saliva and therefore a very dangerous bite. Finally, any animal with the word “dragon” in their name must be cool (and likely fierce) by default.
Now, in spite of all these facts, which make the komodo dragon seem rather intimidating, one can’t help but find that this komodo dragon baby is absolutely adorable. Not only is the baby lizard cute because he is tiny, but I also love the really cool pattern he has on his skin.

Baby Komodo Dragon

One day I'll grow up to be very very big!

Found here: Science Blogs

Jun 112011

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I know I never got around to posting any reptiles yet. Don’t be mistaken; this doesn’t mean that I don’t find reptiles to be cute. Blue Bear and I intend on holding a special event called “Reptile Week” sometime in the future. There are many cute lizards, turtles, and tortoises around. In fact, I bet that if you really did your research, you’d be able to find a cute picture of an alligator or a snake somewhere. I’m not exactly a big fan of alligators, crocodiles and snakes, but I’m sure that they’re also cute in their own way.

Anyway, what do you think of this tiny little turtle here? I love his scaly arms and the tiny shell that’s protecting him. Turtles are so goofy. Imagine how small this guy would be if he didn’t have a shell!

Tiny Little Turtle

What a shrimp!

Found here: Farmgirl Fare