Oct 152011

Penguin here.

I decided to post a few more of the animal pictures that were taken in my backyard over the summer and early fall this year. My mother is actually the one who managed to take these pictures.
We have a lot of robin redbreasts around here. They are truly beautiful birds. It is especially a lot of fun to see them hop really quickly on their little stick legs. Just so you know, the American Robin, according to Wikipedia, is actually a songbird of the thrush family. It also migrates during the winter, where it heads to Florida, central Mexico or along the Pacific Coast. We definitely don’t see them around here during our cold winters.

Beautiful Robin Redbreast on Wire

Beautiful Robin Redbreast on Wire (Check out its claws!)

Robin Red Breast with Worm

The early bird gets the tastiest worm...

Robin redbreast: Back View

Robin Redbreast: Back View

Adorable Robin Redbreast

Robin Redbreast Near Foliage