Nov 302011

Penguin here.

Now, I assume you must usually find seagulls to be those loud and potentially annoying birds. I know I certainly do. Even in Disney’s Finding Nemo, they are portrayed as loud and obnoxious. The seagulls don’t say anything except “Mine, mine, mine” the whole time. You can watch the pelican from the movie get annoyed with them here.
And yet, and yet, you can’t help but admit that this seagull chick and its parent make quite the adorable pair. The chick is all speckled and fuzzy and the parent looks nice and relaxed. They certainly look very adorable cuddling together like that. Maybe there’s more to seagulls than the fact that they’re so noisy after all.

Seagull with Chick

What a speckley chick!

Found here: Stanley Seagull