Jan 192013

Penguin here.

I found this picture of a baby seal pup and I could not help but share it with you guys. It’s so super cute! Doesn’t he look so sweet?
By the way, seals are pinnipeds (aquatic fin-footed carnivorous mammals) which is a superfamily including the likes of walruses, eared seals (such as sea lions), and earless seals. You should read about this and more here in Wikipedia’s pinniped article.

Goofy Baby Seal pup

Yes, and how can I help you?

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Dec 312012

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Harp seals, a.k.a saddleback seals, actually dwell in the northernmost parts of the Atlantic ocean, and parts of the Arctic ocean.

I love this goofy picture. It looks like the adult seal was probably playing peekaboo with the pup. Or otherwise that they were having a philosophical conversations of sorts. What do you think was going on?

Harp Seal Pup with Adult

Harp Seal Pup with Adult

Found here: Edge of the Plank

Aug 172012

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That’s right, this fur seal cub is on a couch! According to MSNBC Today show’s Animal tracks from December 15, 2011, a woman from New Zealand walked into her home when she stumbled upon this precious little guy sitting on her couch. How awesome is that? Wouldn’t you just love to walk into your house one day to find a seal curled up on your couch?

Adorable Seal Cub Curling Up On a Couch

An unexpected seal-prise!

Found here: Animal Tracks on Today MSNBC

Jun 022011

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Now I can officially say we will be back with our normal posting schedule. In other words, we will make a post practically every day.

Anyway, I had a great idea for a post today. Blue Bear bought me a Mini Winnie — you know, one of those baby Poohs in costumes on a string (a cell phone charm) — and he was dressed as a seal! I always found seals to be absolutely adorable so I figured, why not post a picture of one?

I love how baby seals are often covered with a white fur making them look more like bears than seals! Aren’t they absolutely fluffy and adorable? They look so soft and warm. What cuties. I’m sorry the picture I’m posting is so small, but the seal was too cute and I couldn’t resist posting him. I hope you like him too.

Fluffy Baby Seal

Fluffy Baby Seal Resting

Found here: Pile of Photos

Dec 262010

Penguin here.
I hope that everyone has been having happy holidays. I decided to post this picture of a baby sea lion being kissed by its mother, because I thought it was a sweet and adorable sight. I have always found sea lions to be incredibly cute with their flaps, tiny ears and faces that are too cute for words. Enjoy!

Baby Sea Lion Kissed by its Mother

Baby Sea Lion Kissed by its Mother

Found here: BBC