Jun 092013

Penguin here.

I was really quite surprised when I stumbled upon this adorable picture. You guys should definitely check out this article at the link below, but the gist of it is that this 10 year-old springer spaniel named Jess bottle-feeds orphaned lambs on a farm in Devon, UK. How impressive is that? The article has the story and additional goofy pictures like this one.

Sheepdog Bottle-Feeding a Lamb

Sheepdog Bottle-Feeding a Lamb

Found here: Mail Online

Apr 032012

Penguin here.

In honour of our special Easter animal week, today we will be posting lambs! Doesn’t this picture look like it ought to be a postcard? Anyway, these two sweeties look so friendly and gentle. We don’t really get a close look at our little lamb friend in the back, but I’m sure that his/her ears are just as pink, his nose and mouth just as adorably spotted, his hair just as neatly curled as our little lamb buddy who’s stealing the spotlight in the front.

Sweet and Gentle Lambs

Hold on a sec there, I'm busy posing for a picture.

Found here: BLTC

Nov 052011

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There are a lot of references in the English language to black sheep: we have nursery rhymes, sayings, and expressions about them. Often, they are used to imply something negative, but I say baa to that! It’s no wonder to me why they’re so popular; it’s because they are so absolutely adorable! This little guy is not only a sheep, but a baby one! I love his nose and ears and the little white patches of hair he has.

Adorable Black Lamb

What a goofy guy!

Found here: Uphilldowndale

Jul 252011

It’s always cute when a baby animal is looking for milk from its mother. This little lamb baby is one of two babies born at Cosley Zoo on March 31st (of an unknown year… the website doesn’t say, unfortunately). The other little baby is also a male lamb born the same day. Isn’t it cute to think that many animals are born multiples at a time? When that happens with a human, it’s an anomaly, but it’s often the case with animals, and it’s extremely cute!

Anyway, take a look at this picture, and enjoy!

Adorable Baby Lamb Wants Milk

Adorable Baby Lamb Wants Milk

Found Here: Triblocal