Jul 012013

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Today is Canada Day, so Happy Canada Day to everyone. We have a rich wildlife in Canada, as we have demonstrated in other Canada Day posts, but today I am going to actually share a picture of some skunks. Why? Well, there is a definite presence of skunks in Canada. In fact, I had the good fortune of wtinessing a stench that crept through my window just last night. Although they are in fact smelly, skunks are utterly adorable, and I’m sure this goofy picture of some baby ones is enough to convince you of that.

Adorable Baby Skunks

Adorable Baby Skunks

Found here: Canadian Animals

Mar 312012

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Can you believe that these two little sweethearts are skunks – animals notorious for being one of the general population’s pet peeves? Not me! These little skunks are too adorable for words. I love their goofy noses and innocent little eyes. The way these little buddies are curiously peering out of the basket is absolutely adorable.

Adorable Young Skunks in Basket

What a sweet package!

Found here: The Telegraph & c/o AFP/GETTY

Sep 102011

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I have always found skunks to be deceptively cute. I say deceptively cute because of course the last thing you want to do is find yourself near a skunk in spite of how much you might feel inclined to pet one or give one a little bit of food. The black fur and large white stripe mean “Stay Away!” and that’s the rule of thumb as far as skunks are concerned. Luckily, here on ACAD, we can take advantage of skunks’ cuteness without needing to worry about the potential smell!
Here’s a picture of an adorable baby skunk:

Baby Skunk in Foliage

I'm goofy

Also, on the topic of Disney, (like our Cinderella post from the other day), I have always been a fan of Flower, the skunk from Bambi. Isn’t he sweet, adorable and an excellent friend?

Flower from Bambi

Flower from Bambi in Flowers

Baby skunk found here: PBase.com
Flower from Bambi found here: Disney-Clipart

Apr 052011

Penguin here.

About two Summers ago, Blue Bear and I were walking outside at night when we spotted an adorable furry black creature with a menacing white line across his back: a skunk. At the very second that I saw him, two thoughts crossed my mind: “Awww, he’s so cute…” and “Oh my God, it’s a skunk! We have to get away from here fast!” Blue Bear and I froze in place with uncertainty and the skunk did the same. He looked at us, and we looked at him. We seemed to come to some mutual understanding, even if we didn’t speak the same language. He didn’t move since he noticed us, and he didn’t stomp his feet in warning. He let us make our way calmly, and he went his way. Thankfully, my one and only encounter with a skunk ended peacefully.
As you can maybe see here, I have mixed feelings about skunks. They’re so absolutely adorable (just look at the innocent little sleepy guy here and you’ll be convinced) and yet one can’t help but cringe at the thought of encountering one…especially a particularly nervous one. Luckily, thanks to the Internet, we can take advantage of a skunk’s adorable features, by checking out cute pictures like this one, without the risk of being sprayed.

adorable sleeping baby skunk

Baby Skunk Having a Snooze

Found here: Meow Mazagine