Dec 022014

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It may not be December 21st yet, but Winter is nigh; there’s no doubt about it. Today’s post was inspired by squirrels in general, who we often see around here, no matter the weather. According to Lincoln Park Zoo’s post called What Do Squirrels Do in the Winter?, squirrels don’t hibernate. Instead, they gain weight before winter, and hoard food to reserve for tougher times when sustenance is scarce.

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Winter Squirrel

Winter is Coming

Mar 202014

My friend George started up a photography website recently as a portfolio and one of the pictures he’d put on it was that of an adorable (and chubby) squirrel outside in the snow. Take a look at the rest of his photos here. Here’s the picture of the squirrel:

Adorable, Fuzzy Squirrel

Adorable, Fuzzy Squirrel

Thanks for the image, George!

Aug 282013

I was on Reddit today and saw someone’s post about their pug having found a baby squirrel on the grass in their yard today and thought it was adorable, so I wanted to share it here. Some people on the thread are saying he should take care of the little guy as it may be abandoned, which is definitely a legitimate concern. Hopefully he calls someone who can help the cutey out if it is actually abandoned. Take a peek:

Baby Squirrel Sleeping

Baby Squirrel Sleeping

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Jun 232013

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According to the The Canadian Encyclopedia’s Squirrel article, most ground squirrels hibernate while tree squirrels are active all year long. The squirrels in this picture are ground squirrels, and young ones at that. Aren’t they so adorable? They look so goofy and curious. I love their relatively large eyes and tiny little ears. These guys are just too cute.

Adorable Baby Ground Squirrels

Adorable Baby Ground Squirrels

Found here: Squirrel – The Canadian Encyclopedia

Apr 152013

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After a snowstorm that came along a few days ago, we are finally seeing some true Spring weather here now. When I stumbled upon this adorable picture, I realized that it represented just how much we all appreciate Spring, and felt that it was the perfect picture to post in honour of the warmer weather. Not only do we appreciate it, but so do all the animals. Enjoy the newly-budding flowers, goofy animals (like this squirrel) and the birds chirping: all welcome signs of this beautiful season.

Adorable Squirrel Smelling a Flower

Adorable Squirrel Smelling a Flower

Found here: National Geographic

Mar 232013

Hey everyone. I entitled this post “super duper secret agent squirrel” because of the music, but in reality, this video is more or less just a day in the life of an urban squirrel. If you watch them, they will do incredible acrobatics to get from one place to another. They are adorable little guys, but they’re also exceptionally agile. This guy here demonstrates the incredible lengths to which a squirrel will go just to get some yummy food:

The video was posted by the user “Nakei Done” on Youtube on October 10th 2010 (I don’t know how we hadn’t seen it sooner!)

Feb 082013

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We stumbled upon this adorable article on buzzfeed which you can see in its full splendor here. There seemed to be a controversy over whether the cutie in question was a chipmunk or a squirrel. We see how the markings on his/her back could make this a confusing subject, but this is in fact a gold-mantled ground squirrel and an unbelievably adorable one at that!

Adorable Squirrel with Teddy Bear Plushy

Look out behind you, Mr. Teddy!

Found here: BuzzFeed: Source: Solent News / Splash News

Feb 042013

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Oh my goodness, this is one of the cutest little families ever! Aren’t these flying squirrels just so adorable? These flying squirrel babies are three weeks old and their mother’s name is Mishi. You can read about them here on the National Flying Squirrel Assocation’s website.

Adorable Flying Squirrel with Babies

Adorable Flying Squirrel Family

Found here: National Flying Squirrel Association

Nov 272012

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Check out how absolutely adorable this little flying squirrel is – not only because he’s an adorable animal, but also because he’s in style and being environmentally-friendly while doing so. Seriously, can you find a more organic hat than an acorn? Didn’t think so!

A special thanks to my sister for inspiring this post.

Adorable Flying Squirrel

Check out my stylish environmentally-friendly hat!

Found here: Bloggy Blog

Oct 192012

This morning, while walking to work, I saw a black squirrel! I’d seen this little guy before. He lives on a particular block in my neighborhood and can often be seen in that area. You often see grey squirrels where I’m from, but black ones are significantly less common. I didn’t have my camera with me to take a picture of the guy I saw, but I found an excellent, adorable picture on google to share with you guys. Apparently black squirrels are the same species as normal “eastern grey squirrels”, and this kind of coloration happens to be more common in urban areas. Neat! Check it out!

Om Nom Nom! Peanuts are yummy!

Om Nom Nom! Peanuts are yummy!

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