Jun 212014

Hey everyone. The other day, on Reddit, I happened to spot an adorable picture in /r/aww of a whole army of baby turtles (or tortoises?) with their mommy. Check it out! Count them all. There are quite a few. The best part? I’d wager there are even more, outside of the frame of the photograph.

Atten-Hut!  Move your shellsides, soldiers!

Atten-Hut! Move your shellsides, soldiers!

Sep 022011

Has anybody noticed that animals always look cute when they’re eating? It’s a strange phenomenon, but I think I have the explanation for it. It’s their tongues! Animal tongues are automatically cute (except maybe snakes!) and they’re usually present in photographs of animals eating. This little tortoise is well equipped with an adorable tongue to go with the rest of his cuteness. Be sure to pay attention to the leg scales, too! How goofy are those?

Baby Tortoise Feeding on a Leaf

Baby Tortoise Feeding on a Leaf

Image found here: Wikipedia

Jun 112011

Penguin here.

I know I never got around to posting any reptiles yet. Don’t be mistaken; this doesn’t mean that I don’t find reptiles to be cute. Blue Bear and I intend on holding a special event called “Reptile Week” sometime in the future. There are many cute lizards, turtles, and tortoises around. In fact, I bet that if you really did your research, you’d be able to find a cute picture of an alligator or a snake somewhere. I’m not exactly a big fan of alligators, crocodiles and snakes, but I’m sure that they’re also cute in their own way.

Anyway, what do you think of this tiny little turtle here? I love his scaly arms and the tiny shell that’s protecting him. Turtles are so goofy. Imagine how small this guy would be if he didn’t have a shell!

Tiny Little Turtle

What a shrimp!

Found here: Farmgirl Fare