Dec 302014

Penguin here.

For New Year’s, Blue Bear and I will be going to an aquarium that apparently features walruses! We’ve never seen any before and are definitely looking forward to it.

We hope you guys have special New Year plans as well.

Did you know that male walruses can weigh as much as 2 000 kg?

Found here: The Science of World

Walrus Family

Walrus Family

Feb 192014

Penguin here.

I stumbled upon this adorable walrus when browsing reddit. I personally completely agree with this walrus: I’d love to lie back and relax on the beach. Much-needed beach vacation here!

Adorable Relaxing Walrus on a Beach

Adorable Relaxing Walrus on a Beach

Found here: Imgur

Jul 252012

Penguin here.

Blue Bear sent me this picture the other day so that we could share it with you guys. Isn’t it super adorable? Look how bashful the walrus is! I bet he was so surprised and happy to receive such a fishy cake. It’s definitely healthier than our preferred chocolate/vanilla variety.

Adorable Walrus Receiving Fishy Birthday Cake

Oh, you shouldn't have!

Found here: Photo by Vincent Jannink and found on Neatorama

Jan 282011


It’s Blue Bear! I was humming the Beatles song “I am the Walrus” to myself when I realized that I had never posted a picture of a baby walrus, but that I was sure they must be cute. And I was right. Look how tiny the baby is compared to its mom! I wonder how he managed to get on her back…

Baby Walrus on Its Mother's Back

How did he get up there? It looks comfy...

Found here: Howstuffworks “How Walruses Work”