Mar 062014

Penguin here.

Talk about eye candy! This mother zebra and her foal make a striking pair, don’t you think?

According to the African Wildlife Foundation, zebras weigh up to 770 lbs (349 kg) and can travel up to 1,800 miles (2,897 km) to find food.

Zebra Mother with Baby

Zebra Mother with Baby

Found here: Denver Westword Blogs and photo courtesy of Denver Zoo

Jun 202012

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What do you guys think of this goofy zebra foal? I love zebras because they’re goofy and cute, but also strikingly beautiful. Have you ever seen a zebra in person before? They’re truly amazing to behold, just like giraffes. This zebra foal is particularly adorable because of the way he’s resting. Look a those legs! What a cutie!

Adorable Zebra Foal Resting

Doesn't the zebra look so comfy?

Found here: Zelda the Zebra’s Stories for Grandchildren

May 182012

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What could be sillier than a donkey/zebra hybrid? Its name! Zedonk, when the mother is a donkey, or donkra, when the mother is a zebra. Both name are equally silly. How cute is that? Look at this little zeedonk’s legs. They make me gush!

Baby Zedonk with Mother

That's right, I'm a goofy zedonk!

Found here: Impressive Magazine

Apr 222012

Penguin & Blue Bear here.

Today is Earth Day, and here at ACAD, we care about our planet and its beautiful plants, fungi, and wildlife, from


Baby Aardvark Sleeping

That's some fine bedding, Mr. Baby Aardvark!



Baby Zebra with Mother

Zebra Kisses!

We wish everyone a Happy Earth Day! And we hope that we all do our part to help preserve a beautiful planet, not only for the sake of other animals and plants, but for our sake as well.

In case you would like to visit the World Wildlife Fund, the link is here: WWF

For an A-Z list of different animals, and their info, you can check here at National Geographic Animal Facts

Aardvark Image found here: Tumaren: Ecology and Conservation Operations in Laikipia, Kenya

Zebra Image found here: Animal Wallpapers | Wild Animals | Facts | Videos | Animals Pictures

Jul 172011

Penguin here.

How adorable is this fuzzy zebra foal nuzzling with this equally adorable baby warthog? You can read the Zebra’s story at the link on the bottom. I love how the zebra has some black stripes and some brown ones. I also find the warthog to be exceptionally cute. That’s all I have to say for now. Blue Bear, his sister and I will be seeing the Winnie the Pooh movie today and so I need to get ready.

Fuzzy Zebra Foal with Baby Warthog

Zebra and Warthog Nuzzle!

Found here: The Chaircat’s Blog