May 192013

Penguin and Blue Bear here.

A little while ago, Penguin posted a picture of an adorable hamster eating broccoli. The other day, Blue Bear read an article where the same hamster was featured, in gif form! This of course, is very good luck, because if you though that the motionless picture was cute, watch when you see this little hammy in full action. That broccoli looks super delicious; especially after witnessing his feet-flopping enjoyment of it.

Adorable Hamster Eating Broccoli

Broccoli: Feet Floppingly Good

Found here: ZenGato’s photobucket and featured on Buzzfeed’s The 21 Stages Of A Friday Workday article

Feb 212013

Penguin here.

Someone in the comments shared this adorable set of pictures with us and we couldn’t help but show one to you guys. Isn’t he so absolutely adorable? Look at those huge little feet! Look at those tiny little hands! Note the adorable chubbiness and fuzziness. You can read the full article here: Thing I Love #40: Animals in Swings. A special thanks to a a for sharing this with us!

Original image found here: Dragan*’s flickr

Dec 142011

Penguin here.

That’s right, I said awwdorable! These hamsters are so adorable that there is no word in the English dictionary that will fittingly describe the degree of their cuteness. Seriously, look at that fuzz! Look at those pink paws and that tiny tail! I love his sleeping eyes and gigantic head to body ratio. Also be sure to notice how his other hamster buddy is flipped over in the background. This is unbearably adorable.

Adorable, Pink, and Fuzzy Sleeping Baby Hamsters

Found here: Flickriver: Baby Hamsters