Oct 052013

Penguin here.

Red pandas are omnivores, although they mostly eat bamboo. They are native to the eastern Himalyas and southwestern China and are not related to pandas as their name would suggest. You could read all this and more about these fascinating animals on Wikipedia’s Red Panda article.

Here’s a picture of a red panda eating:

Young Red Panda Eating

Young Red Panda Eating

Here’s a picture of some sleepy red panda cubs:

Baby Red Pandas Sleeping

Baby Red Pandas Sleeping

Young Red Panda Eating found here: Herald Sun
Baby Red Pandas Cubs found here: SHANALOGIC

Oct 232012

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This fox pup is so cute; I’d be willing to say too cute, actually. Just look at that sweet face, those ears, that fuzz, and how he eats his food in a charmingly messy way. I want this fox so badly, how about you guys?

Adorable Fox Pup Eating

What's yummier: the adorable fox or the food he's eating?

Photo c/o Dottie Tison and found here: West Sound Wildlife Shelter

Aug 082012

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It’s time to parttttyyyyyy! Well, I must admit that it’s more of a party for the panda bear than for me, because I don’t think I’d personally enjoy partaking in a slice of bamboo birthday cake… However, I certainly would enjoy watching the panda eat it.

Adorable Panda Bear Eating Bamboo Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday, Mr. Panda

Found here: Cute Zoo Animals Eating

Aug 062012

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Did you know that eucalyptus can be toxic in large quantities? According to Wikipedia, an essential oil in eucalyptus is indeed toxic, but koalas, possums, and some other maruspials are tolerant of the toxins. This little koala buddy is certainly enjoying his meal!

Adorable Koala Eating Eucalyptus Leaf

My mommy told me I should always eat my greens!

Found here: Serious Eats

Aug 052012

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I love this picture. I can just picture my sister and I sitting at a table and doing quite the same thing in quite the same way (that is, with berries, probably, since my sister isn’t a big watermelon fan). I just love this picture, because it’s such a sweet scene, and because orangutans have super goofy hair!

Orangutans Eating Watermelon

Yum! Can I have some?

Found here: funnyanimalworld.net

Aug 012012

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We did a special about animals sleeping. Now it’s time to do another equally cute special: animals eating! If you haven’t had a chance to check out what we currently have in our Animals Eating category, you can do so here.
To begin our special, we have an adorable bunny rabbit eating a carrot. This little bunnster would be cute on his own, but having a picture of him munching is the cherry on top of the cake.

Adorable White Bunny Rabbit Eating a Carrot

I'm sure, this carrot is just the right portion for me.

Found here: weheartit