Feb 112014

Penguin here.

This special friendship between a golden retriever and two baby bunnies is truly adorable and admirable! Friendship comes at all ages, in all shapes and certainly in all sizes.

Golden Retriever Friends with Baby Bunnies

Golden Retriever Friends with Baby Bunnies

Found here: in Serbia Independent News

Dec 112012

Penguin here.

I love dogs. I also love bunny rabbits. In other words, this picture is definitely my cup of tea, which is why I had to share it with you guys. I hope you enjoy just how soft and how sweet this lovely image is.

Australian Shepherd and Bunny Buddies

Australian Shepherd and Bunny Buddies

Found here: Tumblr: Australian Shepherd

Jul 102012

Penguin here.

These little bunnies are too cute. Look at those ears! Look at those paws! Look at those sweet faces! What are they doing in those cups? Who knows, but we certainly won’t fault them for it because they look absolutely adorable.

Baby Bunnies in Cups

I'd love to wake up to a morning cup of bunny!

Found here: Fanpop!

Apr 092012

Penguin here.

To wrap up this year’s Easter animals week, I am posting a picture of a mother rabbit and her equally adorable baby. I love this picture because the two rabbits look so much alike; it’s obvious we’re dealing with a mommy rabbit and her little baby here. I also think that it’s very sweet for the mother to let her little bunny cuddle on her back like that.
Have a great day everyone!

Baby Bunny Rabbit with Mother

Thanks Mommy, that's much comfier.

Found here: http://thunafunda.com

Apr 022012

Penguin here.

This week on ACAD we will be celebrating Easter animals. That’s right: if you like bunnies, chickens, and lambs, you’ve come to the right place! If you like cute animals in general, then you’ve also come to the right place!
These two little bunnsters look like they’ve had an exciting day and are ready to sleep it all off. These bunnies are sooo fuzzy and sweet. I love their little closed eyes. I love their adorable ears. I love how soft they are and how they’re cuddling together. In short, there’s nothing not to like about them!

two grey bunnies

Found here: Flickr=>tn_hammock

Apr 232011

Hi everybody! It’s easter, and you know what that means… Easter bunnies! I’m here with Penguin and we just finished a fun easter dinner with my family, and we decided to pop on here and make a little post for everyone. Look at these fuzzy little baby bunnies! Now, I can’t be 100% sure that these two are celebrating Easter, but I’m just going to assume, for thematic purposes, that they are! Aren’t they adorable with their little bed? It looks very comfy in there!

Baby Easter Bunnies

Baby Easter Bunnies

Found Here: The Rabbit Care

Jan 012011

Penguin here.

Happy new year to everyone! What better way to start off a brand new year than with an image of an adorable animal? Here I present to you the most adorable little bunny rabbit. Not only is he sleepy but he is also flipped over making him an irresistibly cute sight to behold. Some key features to note are his folded arms, tiny ears, closed eyes, little nose, flipped over feet, chubby tummy…maybe you should take note of every one of his features…they’re all too adorable to miss!

Bunny Rabbit Flipped Over into a Ball of Cuteness!

Bunny Rabbit Flipped Over and Curled Up Into a Ball of Cuteness!

Found here: The Cute Project

Dec 102010
Tiny Bunny with Huge Feet

Tiny Bunny with Huge Feet


It’s Penguin here. I couldn’t help but post a picture of this sweet little bunny who has tiny everything but disproportionately large (and adorable) feet. He’s so tiny, I bet he’d get full on a single baby carrot.



Found here: http://critteristic.com/other-cuties/its-bunny-love-on-critteristic/