Dec 022011

Penguin here.

There are too many cute & sweet things in the picture to describe. Llamas are certainly goofy looking animals, but that’s what makes them so special. Look at the baby’s fuzzy hair and random black patches…they’re so cute! But what really gets me is the llama’s tiny legs and bent knees! Isn’t he so adorable? Look at the mother’s loving and proud gaze. You can just tell how much she adores him. It’s so sweet.

Fuzzy Baby Llama with Mother

Look at how much she loves her little baby!

Found here: Eco Ferme

Feb 032011

Penguin here.

Hi everyone. Now what do we have here? An absolutely adorable fuzzy little llama that I just want to hug and pet! This llama looks so happy, satisfied and relaxed. I bet he’s having a very nice day. Look at those floppy ears! This llama is adorable to the point of distraction!

Baby Llama Relaxing

What a happy llama!

Found here: Posted by Artemis at Pixdaus