Apr 272014

Penguin here.

Blue Bear and I love to go out and watch birds as they come and go. When we vacation from place to place, we’re always sure to keep an eye on the different kinds of birds we see.

Although we have never laid eyes on one previously, the bird below is a ruby-crowned kinglet. Ruby-crowned kinglets are found in North America. Although you might think you can spot one easily thanks to its red crown, it actually turns out that they mostly keep it hidden. You can read all about them here at The Cornell Lab of Ornithology: All About Birds, one of our favourite sites.

Ruby-Crowned Kinglet

Ruby-Crowned Kinglet

Found here: Photo by Monte Stinnett

Jan 162014

Blue Bear and I are major bird fans. We often do some birdwatching and whenever we go on a trip somewhere, we make an effort to spot the different birds.

In my backyard, there are 3 cardinals who like to hang around. Last week, there was a major polar frost, and I was concerned for the safety of the cardinals. (Happily, they are back this week, so no need to worry about them). Blue Bear shared this fantastic post with me, care of The Cornell Lab or Ornithology’s All About Birds Blog: How Birds Survive the Cold. You should definitely read it, because you will learn some surprising information.

If a link isn’t enough to lure you in, here’s one of the pictures from the article:

Fluffed Up Black-capped Chickadee

Fluffed Up Black-capped Chickadee

Found here: he Cornell Lab or Ornithology’s All About Birds Blog

Jul 112013

Penguin here.

The other day, as I walked into my kitchen, I looked outside and noticed a fuzzy bird on the wire. I couldn’t see the details up close, but I noticed that this bird was unlike any I had seen before. I ran to grab a camera, went outside, and luckily was able to snap a few shots of this beauty. With the details visible thanks to our digital camera, I was able to find out that the bird in question was actual a cedar waxwing. Isn’t the bird beautiful?

Cedar Waxwing Front View

Cedar Waxwing Front View


Cedar Waxwing Back View

Jun 102013

Penguin here.

As you guys probably know already, we love northern cardinals. Cardinals have beautiful singing voices and striking plumage to boot. Spring isn’t quite Spring without a cardinal song, if you ask me. Anyway, when I saw this image, I was not only happy to see a northern cardinal in it, but also a goofy tufted titmouse by his side. Isn’t that so cute? What a great picture. I hope to see a tufted titmouse some day too, because they definitely look adorable.

Goofy Northern Cardinal Perched with Tufted Titmouse

Goofy Northern Cardinal Perched with Tufted Titmouse

Found here: Cornell Lab of Ornithology Facebook Photos and photo submitted by Carper Sharon

Oct 012012

Penguin here.

Have you guys ever heard of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology? Whether you have or not, you should definitely visit their amazing site (one of our personal favourites) here http://www.birds.cornell.edu/Page.aspx?pid=1478, especially if you’re interested in birds. Look up any bird you can think of, and you will find it. Have you seen a bird and want to know what kind it is? You’ll find your answer there too. They posted this picture on their Facebook today, and I thought I should share it with you because the bird in question, a belted kingfisher here, is absolutely adorable. I love the rather large beak, and the adorable messy feather “haircut”. These guys are known as kingfishers because they hover over the water and plunge in head first to find fish (as described here).

Belted Kingfisher

Look at that beak and that goofy feather-style!


Posted by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology on Facebook

Sep 152012

Eagles are amazingly majestic creatures, soaring high in the sky, overlooking the world with their keen eyes and inspiring awe in anyone who sees their incredible wingspan. But here’s the thing about birds… their young always look REALLY goofy! There’s not a single type of bird out there whose young looks anything other than silly, goofy, and adorable. So what do we have as exhibit A in “The Case of the Goofy Bird Babies”? Two grumpy, goofy eaglets!


Grumpy, Goofy Eaglets

Grumpy, Goofy Eaglets

Found Here: Friends of Blackwater

Sep 122012

Penguin here.

I was listening to Disney’s Sleeping Beauty song “Once Upon a Dream” from a video on youtube. As you know, Disney often draws birds, and I realized that Sleeping Beauty was singing with an adorable cardinal. Check him out:

Sleeping Beauty with Birds

Check out the birdy on the far left.

I have been meaning to share pictures of cardinals from my backyard, and thought that this would be an excellent opportunity to do so.

So here is Mrs. Female Cardinal (taken last autumn)

Female Cardinal in Bushes

Don't I camouflage well?

Here is a Mr. Cardinal (taken a few days ago)

Male Cardinal in Bushes

I'm super cute and my singing voice is pretty, too.

So, do you guys think that Disney did a good job in depicting these birdies?

Sleeping Beauty Cardinal Picture Found here: Disney: the Dettol of Storytelling?

Aug 282012

Penguin here.

Blue Bear and I love sparrows. We love watching them hop around especially. Although we have seen them behaving in such adorable ways, we never managed to catch them feeding their young. What a beautiful sight! (Extra points for the fact it took place at the very top of a pine tree).

Sparrow Feeding Young Chicks

Sparrow Feeding Young Chicks

Amazing photo taken by CT and found here Talk | Photography