Sep 062012

Penguin here.

I definitely needed some cheering up today and luckily my sister sent me this image which made me smile from ear to ear. Imagine visiting the supermarket and running into this little bunnster! I’d love to go shopping with this little rabbit. Clearly he has ideal eating habits.

Mini bunny shopper.

My favourite section is the veggie aisle.

UPDATE: Apparently the bunny’s name is Groucho Marx. Thanks to the owner for commenting!

Found here: ‘s “cute as a button” board and pinned from imgfave

Jul 082012

Penguin here.

This little picture is so cute. I love the little bunny’s pink tongue. I also love the goofy look the hedgehog is giving him: it looks as if he’s sticking up one eyebrow and saying, “Are you sticking that tongue out at ME?” I bet these two little animals are good friends though, even if we may have caught them during a potential moment of teasing each other.

Hedgehog with Rabbit Sticking His Tongue Out

Are you sticking your tongue out at ME???

Found here: Deroucicho: Most Adorable Animal Pairings Images

Mar 102011

Penguin here.

It has been snowing here lately, a lot. For this reason, I decided to post a picture of an animal well associated with the snow: a snowshoe hare! This little fella is not only plump and adorable, but there is a kind of serenity, a peacefulness about him, as he sits there surrounded by a beautiful wintry scene. Here’s a little neat thing to learn about snowshoe hares: I found out that their fur coat turns brown in the Summer time. Isn’t that neat? If you click on the link below from National Geographic, you will learn that and much more about them.

snowshoe hare in wintry scene

Snowshoe Hare Surrounded by a Snowy Scene

Found here:National Geographic