May 032013

Penguin here.

I hope these little bunnies will help get your weekend off to an excellent start.

These bunnies are so cute! I’m not quite certain why one of them is hanging out in a watering can, but he certainly looks comfy there. Don’t you just want to hug these buddies and kiss their ears?

I think there's an aBUNdance of bunnies!

I think there’s an aBUNdance of bunnies!

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Dec 112012

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I love dogs. I also love bunny rabbits. In other words, this picture is definitely my cup of tea, which is why I had to share it with you guys. I hope you enjoy just how soft and how sweet this lovely image is.

Australian Shepherd and Bunny Buddies

Australian Shepherd and Bunny Buddies

Found here: Tumblr: Australian Shepherd

Nov 042012

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I stumbled upon this image and new instantly that I had to share it with you guys. Isn’t this an adorable scenario? Just look at the sweet and fuzzy bunny with his long floppy ears and innocent eyes. He looks so pleased to have found a bunny plushy friend. This picture just makes me go “awwwwwwwww”.

Best Bunny Buddies

Best Bunny Buddies

Found here: tumblr: Fuzzy Cute Animals

Sep 062012

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I definitely needed some cheering up today and luckily my sister sent me this image which made me smile from ear to ear. Imagine visiting the supermarket and running into this little bunnster! I’d love to go shopping with this little rabbit. Clearly he has ideal eating habits.

Mini bunny shopper.

My favourite section is the veggie aisle.

UPDATE: Apparently the bunny’s name is Groucho Marx. Thanks to the owner for commenting!

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Aug 012012

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We did a special about animals sleeping. Now it’s time to do another equally cute special: animals eating! If you haven’t had a chance to check out what we currently have in our Animals Eating category, you can do so here.
To begin our special, we have an adorable bunny rabbit eating a carrot. This little bunnster would be cute on his own, but having a picture of him munching is the cherry on top of the cake.

Adorable White Bunny Rabbit Eating a Carrot

I'm sure, this carrot is just the right portion for me.

Found here: weheartit

Jul 102012

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These little bunnies are too cute. Look at those ears! Look at those paws! Look at those sweet faces! What are they doing in those cups? Who knows, but we certainly won’t fault them for it because they look absolutely adorable.

Baby Bunnies in Cups

I'd love to wake up to a morning cup of bunny!

Found here: Fanpop!

Apr 092012

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To wrap up this year’s Easter animals week, I am posting a picture of a mother rabbit and her equally adorable baby. I love this picture because the two rabbits look so much alike; it’s obvious we’re dealing with a mommy rabbit and her little baby here. I also think that it’s very sweet for the mother to let her little bunny cuddle on her back like that.
Have a great day everyone!

Baby Bunny Rabbit with Mother

Thanks Mommy, that's much comfier.

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