Jun 272013

Penguin here.

These adorable bunnies are not only sleepy, and adorable, but one of them is even yawning. Aren’t bunny yawns the cutest? Awww! Did you notice how pink their noses were and how they have the same markings, only in different colours? These rabbits are just so cute.

Yawning Rabbit

May 032013

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I hope these little bunnies will help get your weekend off to an excellent start.

These bunnies are so cute! I’m not quite certain why one of them is hanging out in a watering can, but he certainly looks comfy there. Don’t you just want to hug these buddies and kiss their ears?

I think there's an aBUNdance of bunnies!

I think there’s an aBUNdance of bunnies!

Found here: PinWeb.Info

Nov 042012

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I stumbled upon this image and new instantly that I had to share it with you guys. Isn’t this an adorable scenario? Just look at the sweet and fuzzy bunny with his long floppy ears and innocent eyes. He looks so pleased to have found a bunny plushy friend. This picture just makes me go “awwwwwwwww”.

Best Bunny Buddies

Best Bunny Buddies

Found here: tumblr: Fuzzy Cute Animals

Aug 012012

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We did a special about animals sleeping. Now it’s time to do another equally cute special: animals eating! If you haven’t had a chance to check out what we currently have in our Animals Eating category, you can do so here.
To begin our special, we have an adorable bunny rabbit eating a carrot. This little bunnster would be cute on his own, but having a picture of him munching is the cherry on top of the cake.

Adorable White Bunny Rabbit Eating a Carrot

I'm sure, this carrot is just the right portion for me.

Found here: weheartit

Jul 082012

Penguin here.

This little picture is so cute. I love the little bunny’s pink tongue. I also love the goofy look the hedgehog is giving him: it looks as if he’s sticking up one eyebrow and saying, “Are you sticking that tongue out at ME?” I bet these two little animals are good friends though, even if we may have caught them during a potential moment of teasing each other.

Hedgehog with Rabbit Sticking His Tongue Out

Are you sticking your tongue out at ME???

Found here: Deroucicho: Most Adorable Animal Pairings Images

Mar 292012

Hey guys.

I was hanging around facebook the other day and saw an awesome post by a friend (and League of Legends team mate) of a super cute bunny being held. He posted a few pictures of the little fuzz machine, and I couldn’t help but ask him if I could post one on ACAD for you guys. He said yes, of course, and said that he’d be famous soon if I kept posting his pictures up here! I don’t know about fame, but I’m sure this adorable photograph will cheer many people up on a dreary day!

If you guys have a chance, check out his band here: The Bad, The Ugly. They make acoustic rock music and it’s awesome.

Here’s the pic:

Adorable Bunny (Thanks Gab)

Adorable Bunny (Thanks Gab)

Jul 112011

Penguin here.

For today’s post, we have one of my personal favourite characters: Rabbit. Poor Rabbit always has some kind of inconvenience happen to him, whether it has something to do with Pooh getting stuck in his hole, some gardening troubles, or Tigger jumping onto him and catching him by surprise. Although he may complain quite a bit, and get annoyed quite often, Rabbit is a friendly guy and is always content around his friends from One Hundred Acre Wood.

Here’s a picture of Rabbit in the middle of a tight situation:

Pooh Stuck in Rabbit's Hole

Poor Pooh is Stuck!

And here’s a picture of a real rabbit!

Adorable Brown Rabbit

Adorable Brown Rabbit

Picture of Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh found here: http://craigbarlow.blogspot.com/2009/05/pooh.html

Picture of a bunny rabbit found here: Acid Pilot’s deviantART