Nov 282013

Penguin here.

First of all, we wish all our US readers a Happy Thanksgiving from everyone here at ACAD.

If I’m not mistaken, the doggy here is a dachshund! Whatever the case, these two look like they get along together very well.
I found this gif on reddit with the very appropriate title, “LET ME BOOP YOU!!!” This little gif is too adorable for words. Enjoy everyone.

Adorable Kitty and Doggy Playing

Found here: Imgur

Sep 072011

Penguin here.

I’ve heard of the expression “neck to neck”, but how about “nose to nose”? This is the case here for this adorable tiny kitty and his friendly dog pal. Look how small the cat is compared to the dog! I bet these two are great friends in spite of their size difference. They probably have a lot of fun playing together.
A special thanks to Blue Bear’s excellent cousin Mike (and special ACAD researcher) for sending us some great sites with cute pictures just like this one.

Adorable Kitty Cat and Dog

I'll take you on nose to nose!

Found here: Funny Cat Photos