Nov 202014

Penguin here.

Oh my, oh my, how cute is this?
One bulldog is affectionately kissing the other who is enjoying it so much, she actually falls over! Oh my!

Found here: Imgur

Goofy Bulldog Romance

Those kisses are so nice, they make me fall over!

May 162014

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My sister’s friend, the owner of Kara and Kizmet, the two dacshunds, just posted this picture on facebook. Kara, the dachshund, weighs about 10lbs (4.5kg), while the larger dog weighs 120lbs (54.4kg). They get along super well. Apparently, the larger dog lets Kara win when they play together. Isn’t that so sweet? This really shows that friends come in all size.

Kara the dachshund with a much bigger (but very friendly dog).  10 lbs versus 120 lbs.

Doggy Buddies

May 032014

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Here is a picture of a puppy I found while browsing reddit, training to be an assistant dog. Doesn’t he look so sweet? I believe he is a yellow labrador retriever, but I could be wrong. Many years ago, I was waiting for the metro when a blind woman passed with a seeing eye dog: the same breed as the one below, in fact. This dog was fantastic. He sat and waited until the metro came, very patiently, and gently guided his friend to the metro when the doors opened. You could tell that there was a very special bond between the two of them.

Many thanks to all the excellent assistant dogs out there, and the people who help to train them!

Sweet Assistant Puppy in Training

Sweet Assistant Puppy in Training

Found here: Imgur

Mar 082014
Angry Lioness

Sometimes they might get angry.

Cat Scientist

Sometimes they are busy discovering and learning new things.

Dog Dressed as a Princess

Sometimes they like to dress up.

Javan Langur Hugging her Baby

One thing is certain: they are always protective and loving.

And they are all super awesome! A special thanks to all the great ladies in our lives.

Angry lioness found here: A Twenty-Second Birthday
Cat scientist found here:
Dog Dressed as a Princess found here:
Javan Langur with Baby found here: Isiigem Umyaalinguarai – Isiik’s Thoughts