Dec 132011

Penguin here.

My sister sent me this video today. It’s absolutely adorable and you must see it! This little bat was hand-raised by the Bat World Sanctuary after his mother abandoned him. This has to be the sweetest little bat I have ever seen. A special thanks to my sister for the adorable link. It’s bound to make you smile.

Oct 302011

Penguin here.

Bats are really neat animals. They are the only mammals that can actually fly. They don’t fly in the same way as birds though. Birds flap their entire forelimbs and have very small digits (their equivalent of fingers) whereas bats’ wings are mainly made up of their digits. You can see this at Bat vs. Bird Wings.
There are many other cool things about bats which you can read about here from Wikipedia’s article.
Although bats are really interesting animals, I have always been a bit spooked by them, to be honest. However, there are some super cute bats out there like this little fruit bat here. Isn’t he super goofy? I love his nose and ears. That fruit looks way too huge for him to eat though.

Fruit Bat Eating Fruit

This fruit is way bigger than me, but it's sooo yummy!

Found here: Bethpage: Bat Information