Aug 122013

Penguin here.

Yesterday was my mother’s birthday, so in her honour, I will be posting a picture of a king penguin mother and her fuzzy chick.

My mother has always been there to watch over me and help me out, just like this penguin who is affectionately embracing her little one.

By the way, Blue Bear and I took many great animal pictures on our trip, so stay tuned, because we will be posting some soon!

King Penguin Mother with Chick

King Penguin Mother with Chick

Found here: National Geographic

Jan 102013

Penguin here.

Part of our usual winter woes is catching a cold (just like Blue Bear, my sister, and I did). But catching a cold isn’t all that bad when you have a cute kleenex box like this one to keep you company:

Penguin Pals Kleenex Box

Penguin Pals Kleenex Box

This is my sister’s kleenex box. A special thanks to her for taking a picture of it to share with us!

Now, here’s a picture of a goofy king penguin chick:

King Penguin Chick

Brown Fuzzball (a.k.a King Penguin Chick)

King penguin chick found here: King Penguins

Oct 132012

Penguin here.

Today will be our last post about penguins.

Emperor penguins are the largest species of penguin and King penguins rank second. You may be wondering what the differences between King and Emperor penguins are. For one, Emperor penguins are larger; they can weigh anywhere between 22 to 45 kg (49 to 99 lbs) whereas the King Penguin ranges between 11 to 16 kg (24 to 35 lbs), according to Wikipedia’s Emperor Penguin and King penguin articles.

Emperor penguins, which live in Antarctica, are the only species of penguin to breed in the Antarctic winter, travelling to breeding colonies and laying a single egg, which the male proceeds to incubate as the female returns to sea to fetch food. Both parents take turns incubating the egg and fetching food.

An interesting tidbit about King penguins is that they are serially monogamous. In other words, they choose a mate for a whole year, and then usually choose a new mate the following year.

You can read about all this interesting stuff and lots more in the Wikipedia articles mentioned above.

Here is a diagram illustrating some differences between them:

Emperor versus King Penguin

Emperor versus King Penguin

Now here’s a goofy picture of a King penguin surrounded by a bunch of chicks:

Adult King Penguin Surrounded by Chicks

Someone certainly stands out!

Here is a picture of an Emperor penguin with a bunch of chicks:

Emperor Penguin with Chicks

Emperor Penguin with Chicks

Emperor vs King Penguin Diagram Found here: Sparklette
King Penguin with Chicks Found here: TravelWild Expeditions
Emperor Penguin with Chicks Found here: National Geographic

Feb 262012

Penguin here.

Today is my birthday, so of course I can’t do otherwise than post an image of penguins! I’m posting a picture of three different types of penguins. The tallest penguins in the image are king penguins, the second largest penguin in the world (the emperor penguin is the largest); the penguin with a large white stripe on its head is a gentoo penguin; the penguin with yellow hair-like feathers on its head is a rockhopper penguin. In honour of my birthday, Blue Bear took me out last night to our local Biodome where a special event took place called Nuit Blanche. For the event, some penguins were taken outdoors in public for the very first time. Aren’t they adorable? These little birdies caused quite a stir. We were lucky to find a spot up close to catch a picture of them.

Gentoo, King and Rockhopper Penguins

Guys, I think the fish is over there...