Apr 092013

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As you are well aware by now, We love koala bears here on ACAD. We hope you enjoy our latest addition to our koala bear category. Can you just imagine how comfortable it must be to hug a koala? This happy koala family looks so content and unbelievably adorable!

According to the article from Zooborns, three koalas gave birth to joeys in the Summer of 2012 in the Taipei zoo, Taiwan. These pictures are from a few months after the birth (as, according to the Wikipedia’s Koala article, joeys do not fully emerge from their mother’s pouch until six to seven months of age).

Koala Mother Hugging her Joey in Taipei Zoo

Koala Mother Hugging her Joey in Taipei Zoo

Found here: Zooborns and photo credit goes to Taipei Zoo

Jan 042013

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I love this little sleepy koala. Isn’t he just the cutest? He’s so soft and fuzzy that he almost looks like a plush toy!

I noticed that it is very often that you find pictures of sleeping koalas and I now know the reason why. According to Wikipedia’s Koala article, koala bears have a low metabolic rate for a mammal (just like sloths and wombats) and so they actually rest and stay motionless for 16 to 18 hours a day.

Fuzzy Sleepy Koala Bear

Fuzzy Sleepy Koala Bear

Photo by rhoadeecha via flickr

Jan 022013

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To kick off the new year koala style, the next few posts will be about one of our favorite animals: the koala bear.

When I first saw this picture, I couldn’t help but gush at how absolutely adorable this little koala buddy is. Seriously, just look at the fuzz on those ears! How badly do you want to cuddle with him? He’s irresistibly cute.

Just look at those fuzzy ears!

Found here: Roslyn Motter – Children’s Author

Aug 062012

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Did you know that eucalyptus can be toxic in large quantities? According to Wikipedia, an essential oil in eucalyptus is indeed toxic, but koalas, possums, and some other maruspials are tolerant of the toxins. This little koala buddy is certainly enjoying his meal!

Adorable Koala Eating Eucalyptus Leaf

My mommy told me I should always eat my greens!

Found here: Serious Eats

Apr 102012

Penguin here.

Check out this adorable koala bear joey peeking out from between his/her mother’s ears! What a cutie! In fact, I think they make an adorable pair.
Did you know that koalas sleep for up to 16 hours per day? Also, according to giftlog.com’s koala facts, when koala bear joeys are born, they are blind, hairless, less that one inch long, and weigh less than one gram! A full-grown koala weighs anywhere between 5kg and 14kg.


Found here: 28 Sherman