Mar 082014
Angry Lioness

Sometimes they might get angry.

Cat Scientist

Sometimes they are busy discovering and learning new things.

Dog Dressed as a Princess

Sometimes they like to dress up.

Javan Langur Hugging her Baby

One thing is certain: they are always protective and loving.

And they are all super awesome! A special thanks to all the great ladies in our lives.

Angry lioness found here: A Twenty-Second Birthday
Cat scientist found here:
Dog Dressed as a Princess found here:
Javan Langur with Baby found here: Isiigem Umyaalinguarai – Isiik’s Thoughts

Sep 082013

Penguin here.

I stumbled upon this sweet picture of a lioness and her little cub. I just can’t over how comfy and content the lion cub looks and how affectionate the mother is. This is such a sweet family picture, don’t you think? I hope you guys get a chance to cuddle with someone you love today.

Comfy Lion Cuddles

Comfy Lion Cuddles

Found here: LittlePawz

May 132012

Penguin & Blue Bear here.

We wish everyone (including our mothers) a very Happy Mother’s Day! This post wraps up our mother’s day special for 2012 here at ACAD, but don’t worry: we often post pictures of animal mothers (and fathers) with their babies anyway, which is why we have a whole category dedicated to it.
We absolutely love this picture. We love how the mother lion is kissing/grooming her young one, and he/she is thoroughly enjoying it!
Again, we wish everyone a Happy Mother’s Day!

Lion Mother Kissing Cub

Lion Kisses!

Found here: Jokeroo