Mar 252012

Penguin here.

On the back of my calculator that I used throughout university, I have a sticker of a beautiful lorikeet that my dad had given me. I didn’t know that it was called a lorikeet though, until last week when Blue Bear and I were surfing the net for animal pictures. We stumbled upon a rainbow lorikeet, and I was very excited to finally figure out what the sticker represented.
Rainbow lorikeets are colorfully feathered parrots found in Australia and parts of Asia such as Indonesia.
Today I’m putting up two images, because one is particularly cute, and the other, striking and beautiful. Enjoy!

Rainbow Lorikeets with Chicks

Look at those incredibly fuzzy chicks!

Rainbow Lorikeet Flying

Rainbow Lorikeet Flying

Rainbow lorikeets with fuzzy chicks: ZooBorns
Lorikeet in Mid-Flight found here: Pbase: Rainbow Lorikeet Flapping Its Wings c/o Sheila Smart