Jul 282013

Penguin here.

Water sports is of course another great example of Summer fun. Fifteen year-old Eddie the otter looks like he is having a blast. He lives in the Oregon Zoo and he loves playing basketball. You can read more about him at the link below.

Otter Playing Ball

Otter Playing Ball

Found here: People Pets

Mar 142012

Penguin here.

If this little sleepy otter doesn’t make you go awww, I can’t imagine what will! Just look at our little otter friend! Look at those tiny ears and super soft head! Don’t you just want to fall asleep right next to him/her? What a total sweetheart.

Baby Otter Sleeping

Only the best towels for our little otter friend.

Image found at the gloss and care of Kohan Studio

Apr 092011

Penguin here.

Blue Bear and I make an annual trip to our local biodome, and one set of animals we are always drawn to is the otters. This isn’t only because otters are so cute, like the baby otters in this picture, but because they are so playful! The otters we see are all grown up, but this doesn’t prevent them from chasing each other in the water and swimming like true little otter athletes. They’re really fun to watch and there’s always a crowd around them. Since we have yet to make our trip to the biodome, (we surely will soon, and we’ll hopefully have pictures of those otters), I will have to post an adorable picture of baby otters that I found on the net. I hope you guys like it. Aren’t they so cuddly, soft and adorable? I can’t get over their little pink noses and tiny grey ears.

cuddling baby otters

I'd love to cuddle with these guys!

Found here: Tumblr